Everything Xcaret Masterclasses

In the classes we discuss:

Part 1: Hotels 
  • Why book Xcaret Hotels
  • Who you should book to Xcaret Hotels
  • Hotel inclusions
  • Room types and inclusions, restaurants, bars, activities and more
  • What is not included at Xcaret Hotels
  • Helpful hints and tips
  • Wedding info and contacts

Part 2: Parks and Tours 

  • Included attractions
  • Excluded attractions
  • Age limits
  • Pricing/packages
  • Target client per park/tour
  • Distances/locations per park/tour
  • Special events
  • Helpful hints and tips


Receive an everything xcaret pdf reference guides with everything you will need in your back pocket to sell these the 2 xcaret resorts, parks and tours and a seperate guide that you can send to your clients with dining, park and tour info (which can be edited in canva!)

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